Samsara 12A Certificate

Directors: Ron Fricke

Running Time: 102mins

Consumer Advice: Contains sexual images, dead bodies and factory farming scenes

Using the finest in cutting edge cinematography, SAMSARA develops the themes of interconnection and transcendence - illuminating links between humanity and the rest of nature and showing how our life cycle mirrors the rhythms of the planet, on an epic scale.
Filmed over a four-year period in twenty-five countries across five continents, SAMSARA transports us via stunning Panavision Super 70 cinematography to the varied worlds of sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial complexes, and natural wonders. By dispensing with dialogue and descriptive text, SAMSARA subverts our expectations of a traditional documentary. It encourages our own interpretations, inspired by breathtaking images that infuse the ancient with the modern and set against a mesmerizing musical score featuring the work of Lisa Gerrard, Michael Stearns and Marcello De Francisci.

Premiering at the Toronto Film Festival 2011 to great success and awarded Best Documentary at this year's Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2012, SAMSARA will be screened in the highest definition 4K digital projection across the UK and Ireland from 7th September.


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